Welcome to Experience Makers

The most exciting, interactive and rewarding experience, for you and your teams, in creating and maintaining service excellence.

“Today, the actions of your teams will have a direct impact on your future net promoter scores, feedback, surveys, word of mouth, repeat custom and of course profits.

‘Experience Makers’ will give you the tools, techniques and answers to light up your business and excite your customers.

With every ‘Experience Makers’ challenge your team will generate amazing customer service experiences, that you can then use within your business or organisation.”

  • Experience Makers is a unique team game ✓
  • It is also a competition ✓
  • You will compete with teams around the world ✓
  • It will inspire everyone in your team, either in person or virtually ✓
  • Oh and of course it will be fun ✓
  • Winners will be announced and promoted ✓
  • Your team will be recognised for their ideas ✓
  • It will keep you laser focused on delivering memorable experiences ✓
  • And it will give you a competitive streak in all your service touchpoints ✓
Watching Geoff Present a Challenge


  1. Enter your team (ideally min 2 max 50)
  2. Receive your video challenge 
  3. Your team has one month to create memorable experiences 
  4. Send your ideas into Geoff (Experience Makers form will be sent to you)
  5. Await the results… will your team have won?
  6. All ideas shared on private Facebook group
  7. Winners receive celebratory certificate
  8. Await your next challenge.


  • You can keep every video (to share with future colleagues) ✓
  • You can join a closed FaceBook group to share best practice ✓


There are 6 ‘Experience Makers’ challenges in the year.

  • You can purchase a one off ‘trial offer’ SOLD OUT
  • You can also purchase individual challenges ✓
  • You can access a fantastic saving with the ‘annual pass’ SOLD OUT

Enter today and let the experience begin…